Finding F4M Massage?

How to De-stress Your Partner With A F4M Massage.

There has been an entire industry built up around helping men to understand woman, and woman to understand men. The simple truth is that both genders think differently and have different motivations. Stripping away all the politically correct ideas and jargon it comes down to this: Woman are more likely to focus on relationships and men are more likely to focus on career. Saying this may not be up with modern thought, but if you are comparing modern thought with thousands of years of evolution I tend to go with experience. Now if you were thinking of giving your husband of life partner a female for male massage (f4m massage), the different motivations become very clear.

Men tend to measure success in work and financial terms. If they are doing well in their career and happy with their work, they are generally much easier to deal with in their home life. Contrarily, if things are going poorly in the office, it is usually the family who feels the brunt of it. Because of their focus on achievement, it is very difficult for men to simply relax. So much so that often the only way you can get a very career orientated man to relax is by scheduling the time for him to do it. Don't hesitate to do this, because it will do a huge amount of good that he would never get around to treating himself with. Men also like to stick to timetables to a much greater extent. If you want to give your husband a f4m massage then give him a start time and an estimated time frame. Do this and he will be much more obliging. Incidently, this trick works pretty well with shopping too. Men don't hate shopping per se, they just dislike 'inefficient' shopping.

The next thing you need to do is be very specific about what is going to happen during the massage, and importantly - after it. The natural conclusion a man will jump to is that a massage will lead to a sexual encounter. This may be so, but it's a good idea for the sake of the massage itself to concentrate on non-sexual areas when performing it. A fantastic way of achieving this is starting a massage with the feet. A foot massage has tremendous relaxation benefits and also starts the f4m massage out of arms reach. This way the man will begin to relax and be less likely to be grabby later on.

The other area that should be given lots of attention is the neck and shoulders. The neck in particular is often very tense and requires some quite intense kneading to loosen up. It's important not to press to deep or move too quickly too soon. Start with light presses and work in small circles, gradually increasing the pressure. This combines nicely with long gently strokes up and down the length of the back to be an extraordinarily relaxing f4m massage technique.

A well performed f4m massage will often send your partner to sleep, and this sometimes upsets or offends the person giving the massage. It should actually do the opposite and be seen as the ultimate compliment to your massage skills. You have succeeded in making him extremely relaxed and comfortable to the point he has drifted off to sleep. Well done.

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